Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ours is a culture indoctrinated by a new religion - 'science'. What used to be deferred to as the authority of 'The Church' is now the authority of 'The Science'

'The SCIENCE Delusion' offers a brilliant counterpart to the wave of aggressive atheism and anti-religionism exemplified by Richard Dawkins' critique of 'The God Delusion'.

Developing simple arguments first formulated by Bishop George Berkeley, Peter Wilberg casts himself in the role of 'God's Galileo'. He does so by identifying and undercutting 24 common myths that make up our common idea of 'science' - and in doing so challenges the invisible dogmas and unquestioned or contradictory beliefs that science itself is based upon.

The purpose of 'The SCIENCE Delusion' is not to defend any specific religious faiths, but to show that what we think of as science has less basis in either real-world 'evidence' or tangible human experience - than religion does.

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